Skyrim a Year Later: Dawnguard, Heartfire, Dragonborn DLCs

Skyrim wallpaperBack when Skyrim was released a year ago everyone and their mother was playing it. Whenever I tuned in to watch League of Legends streams (my ongoing addiction) most of the players were slaying dragons and Draugr for a few weeks. I spent exploring nearly every single area in Skyrim, and ended up finishing every single quest I could find.

Just today I had an unexplainable need to get back into Skyrim and continue where I left off. I went to check out whether there’s any new content released in the meantime, and found out there are three DLCs to check out: Dawnguard, Heartfire and Dragonborn.


Dawnguard VampireDawnguard is the first DLC released back in August for PC, and enables you to join or fight against vampires. While the idea is intriguing, apparently it wasn’t well received with the community. It includes one rather small (by Skyrim standards) new area, three new shouts, the ability to change your character facial attributes, and that’s about it.

Fairly unimpressive and unlikely to get you to play this game again, unless you’re a hardcore Twilight fan or dying to shoot bandits with a crossbow.


Skyrim HeartfireHeartfire was released in October (for PC) and allows you to purchase and build your own home. No new content or quests as far as I can tell, making this the worst DLC of the three.


Skyrim DragonbornDragonborn is the third DLC already released for Xbox 2 months ago, with PC and PlayStation versions coming out later this month. It includes a new area called Solstheim, previously seen in Morrowind. Judging by the screenshots it provides a much-needed break from snow-covered mountains and plains.

The biggest selling point of Dragonborn seems to be the ability to ride dragons, but apparently the controls are awful and overall the experience is disappointing. From what I can gather the new area and quests are really well done, so it might be worth trying out.

Overall one of the most popular and biggest selling games in 2012 which earned millions and millions received almost no content a year after release. The first two DLCs are fairly disappointing (which I wouldn’t mind so much if they were free), and the third one is coming in the next month or so for us PC users. Overall it might provide me with 10-20 hours of gameplay, but considering how incredibly massive the original game is I’m surprised there isn’t more content, and it’s going to be quite awhile before The Elder Scrolls Online is released.

I do sincerely hope there will be more content coming for Skyrim. Frankly, there’s a few player-created mods that offer more gameplay than the official updates. I should be unpacking an expansion right now and taking a two week vacation, not pondering whether or not to install a few underwhelming DLCs.